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  • auto
    • Automotive ERP

      QAD provides suppliers and sub-suppliers around the world with the right solution to balance demand and supply, all while reducing inventory and meeting stringent quality standards and demanding delivery schedules.

    • Industry Best Practices at Our Core

      For over 30 years, QAD has provided the best ERP solutions for automotive manufacturers. Today, automotive manufacturing sites in over 60 countries run on QAD, and eight of the top 10 global automotive industry suppliers leverage our solutions.

    • A Risk Management Focus

      The auto industry experienced several critical supply chain disruptions over the last decade. As a result, OEMs and industry standards organizations require manufacturers to establish processes for managing risk. QAD is a global leader in risk management with solutions that go beyond regular ERP to help you proactively identify and assess uncertainties within your supply chain.

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  • prod
    Consumer Products
    • Consumer Products ERP

      Today's consumer culture is all about getting the cool new thing the minute it's introduced to the market. Our cloud solutions enable consumer product manufacturers to optimize their processes, improving forecasts and meeting customer demand, as well as delivering new products quickly to market while maximizing throughput and minimizing costs.

    • Solutions Developed with Customer Insight

      With over 700 consumer product manufacturing sites live in over 60 countries, QAD has a proven record of providing effective Cloud ERP solutions for consumer product manufacturers. We actively work with customers and industry groups to ensure our solutions meet their current and future needs.

    • Meeting High Customer Demand

      Manufacturers rely on point-of-sale and store-level data to improve planning and fulfillment. QAD analytics and supply chain solutions help reduce shelf stock-outs by identifying changing demand patterns and supporting more frequent deliveries.

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  • food
    Food & Beverage
    • Food & Beverage ERP

      QAD supports over 500 food and beverage manufacturing sites in over 85 countries to meet strict quality standards, manage recalls and replenishments, and track raw materials to finished goods.

    • When You Need Actionable Results

      Running a food and beverage manufacturing company is a costly endeavor with expensive equipment, complex manufacturing processes and high inventory costs. QAD Cloud ERP provides food and beverage manufacturers the tools to streamline the production process, minimize inventory costs and deliver the products your customers want when they want them.

    • Meeting Safety and Compliance Requirements

      Food safety, quality management and strict government regulations have never been bigger issues than they are right now. Having a trustworthy quality management solution reduces the risk of noncompliance and safety issues.

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  • tech
    High Tech
    • High Tech ERP

      QAD solutions for the production of high tech products have been deployed in over 50 countries and are delivering daily for over 500 manufacturers. QAD enables these manufacturers to meet constant competitive pressure by shortening time to market and delivering on customer expectations for the highest possible quality and advanced product features.

    • Meeting the Full Range of Compliance Demands

      High tech manufacturers must comply with a range of international regulations from ISO quality guidelines through the environmental requirements of RoHS. QAD solutions enable high tech manufacturers to conform to these stringent compliance requirements.

    • Effective Management of Change

      High tech and electronic manufacturers are bombarded with the constant change of fast-paced technology, rapid obsolescence of components and ever-increasing customer expectations. QAD enables constant adaptation to change and supports innovation throughout the product life-cycle.

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  • indu
    • Industrial ERP

      QAD helps industrial manufacturers meet the wide array of dynamic business and operational challenges. QAD solutions drive the Effective Enterprise by enabling ever-changing product variations, multi-site manufacturing and continued emphasis on product quality and delivery.

    • Built to Deliver Diverse Product Configurations

      QAD enables industrial manufacturers to deliver custom-built products, demand-driven variations of standard offerings and/or mass customizations. QAD supports the entire product life-cycle from product introduction to aftermarket sales and services.

    • Support Your Evolving Supply Chain

      Industrial manufacturers face a dynamically changing landscape of suppliers, contract manufacturers and the competitive pressure to support global production. QAD solutions enable effective management of the supply chain and help manufacturers adapt to inevitable changes.

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  • life
    Life Sciences
    • Life Sciences ERP

      Global medical device, biopharmaceutical, and contract manufacturing companies rely on QAD to remain compliant, help manage complex production, streamline demand and supply chain processes, and drive greater operational efficiency.

    • Built on a Strong Foundation

      Over 450 life sciences manufacturing sites in more than 60 countries deploy QAD Enterprise Applications. Companies ranging from startups to large enterprises enjoy the simplicity, reliability and performance of QAD.

    • Supports Your Growth Strategy

      QAD Cloud ERP makes it easy for life sciences manufacturers to start new operations or integrate existing sites. It gives you a state-of-the-art ERP system that adapts as your business evolves.

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Get to Know QAD


Manufactured Using QAD

You make amazing products, we deliver Cloud ERP, and together we can make history.


Who We Are

QAD was built on a foundation of helping others, and we've stayed true to that principle now and as we move into the future.

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Focus on your products and customers, let QAD focus on managing your ERP ... in the Cloud.

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Building the Effective Enterprise

Imagine a future where your business processes are operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals. At QAD, we are committed to helping you achieve this vision that we call the Effective Enterprise.

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Customer Showcase

QAD helps companies across the world build their Effective Enterprises.



WESCO has become a well-known brand in the educational materials market, thanks to continuous innovation and the creation and selection of quality products.



Enhancing value for customers and end consumers, SMR is a member of the global industry specialist Samvardhana Motherson Group.

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“When we looked at our needs in production, QAD was a perfect fit for us.”

Martin Klinkert, CIO, RENOLIT

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QAD Customer Community

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