QAD Business Intelligence User Guide Change Summary
QAD Business Intelligence User Guide Change Summary
The following table summarizes significant differences between this document and the previous version.
March 2014/QAD BI 3.10
Rebranded for QAD BI 3.10
Updated list of BI modules in the Introduction
September 2013/QAD BI 3.9
Added Best Practices section to Ch. 3
March 2013/QAD BI 3.8.1
Editorial review; rebranded for QAD BI 3.8.1
November 2012/QAD BI 3.8
No updates made
September 2012/QAD BI 3.7
Added an Introduction chapter
Moved the Collaboration chapter into Chapter 2: BI Portal Overview and Navigation
Designer chapter changed to Chapter 3
Administration chapter changed to Chapter 4
Moved OEE chapter to the new BI Modules and Key Performance Indicators User Guide
Major revisions throughout
March 2012/QAD BI 3.6
Added chapter on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics available in Capacity Planning and Control - Production Lines Dashboard
September 2011/QAD BI 3.5
Rebranded for QAD BI 3.5