Introduction > Overview
QAD Business Intelligence (BI) improves decision making through easier access to data, prepackaged analytics, and integrated collaboration. The BI Portal allows business managers to see that data in a summarized, visual format that supports better decisions.
The key features of QAD BI are as follows:
Daily, scheduled batch updates from source systems
Browser-based, industry-standard portal framework
Easy-to-use queries, reports, and dashboards using Flash-based visualization
Graphing capabilities
Historical perspectives
Customizable and extensible
The benefits of BI are as follows:
Enables management by fact
Identifies key performance indicators that require attention
Provides easy-to-use investigative tools through the dashboard framework
Identifies causes of problems or potential problems
Harmonizes information, consolidates data from disparate systems
Improves strategic and tactical decision making
Reduces elapsed time to reach a quality decision
Facilitates collaboration to support communication and decision implementation