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BI Portal Dashboard
The dashboard, which is the front page view for the data warehouse analysis, is the first screen the system displays when you log in.
The dashboard is a collection of visual items that gives a snapshot view of the current business state; for example, a sales dashboard that shows the current sales figures for each product. The dashboard can be fully customized so that you see information in a quick, easily analyzed format, which allows for better and more informed decision making.

BI Portal Dashboard
The following is a list of dashboard actions:
View a Dashboard. To view a specific dashboard, select that dashboard from the Dashboard drop-down menu. This drop-down menu contains a list of all available dashboards.
Note: When you log in again, the system displays the last dashboard viewed.
Export an Image of a Dashboard. The export image option allows you to export an image of a dashboard as a .png file. The image file can then be saved anywhere on a local hard drive or network.
To export an image of a dashboard, right-click on the header bar, and then select Export image of this dashboard. Click Save and then choose the location to save the file.
Collaborate on a Dashboard. The collaborate option allows you to enter the forums from a dashboard so you can discuss that dashboard with coworkers. When you select the collaborate option, an image of the dashboard is attached to the forum topic.
To collaborate on a dashboard, right-click anywhere on the dashboard, select Collaborate on this dashboard, and then post your comment in the forums. See Forums.