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Visual Items
Visual items, such as grids or charts, display the results of a query; for example, a pie chart showing the total sales of each product type in the current quarter. Visual items can be moved, minimized, maximized, closed, and restored. Items can have drill capabilities so that you can drill in to other visual items or drill out to reports to see more detailed information.
Note: When a visual item is closed on the dashboard, it is only removed from that session. The item returns in the default area the next time you access the dashboard.
The following is a list of visual item actions:
Action Menu. Some visual items have an action drop-down menu located in the top right corner of the item. Click Show from the Action drop-down menu to view the list of options; for example, in Visual Item Action Menu, the Action menu gives the option to view the data in a grid.

Visual Item Action Menu
Export Image of a Visual Item. The export image option allows you to export an image of a visual item as a .png file. The image file can then be saved anywhere on a local hard drive or network location.
To export an image of a visual item, right-click on the header bar, and then select Export image of this item. Click Save and then choose the location to save the file.
Collaborate on a Visual Item. The collaborate option allows you to enter the forums from a visual item so you can discuss that visual item with coworkers. When you select the collaborate option, an image of the item is attached to the forum topic.
To collaborate on a visual item, right-click on the header bar, select Collaborate on this dashboard, and then post your comment in the forums. See Forums.