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Posting a Topic
Follow these steps to post a topic to a forum:
1 Access the forums.
2 Click a desired forum.
3 Click Post Topic.
4 Enter information in the following fields:
Topic Summary/Subject
Enter the title of the topic.
Enter a detailed description of the issue.
Tag(s) (separated by space)
Enter keywords, separated by a space, that are associated with the topic.

Post New Topic
5 If you are collaborating on a visual item or a dashboard, the image of the graphic appears at the bottom of the new topic window. Select the check box to include the graphic with the topic. Click a graphic to see an enlarged view. Click X to close the image and return to the topic.
Note: When you attached an image to a post, collaborators can comment on the same version of the dashboard or visual item, even when updates to the DWD result in changes to the item.

New Topic with Graphic
6 Click OK to post the topic.
Note: If you decide to cancel the post, click Cancel at any time.