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For the iPad, there is a native QAD Mobile BI app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. With the iPad app, you can view and perform the following tasks:
Navigate through available dashboards.
View and collaborate on charts. The chart content is identical on the iPad to what is shown on the PC.
Note: All other visual items, including grids and parameter bars are, not supported on the iPad.
Zoom in and out on charts with the pinch-zoom capability.
Drill down into underlying charts if they are drill-down enabled.
Note: Currently, the iPhone and Blackberry are not supported.
Because iPad dashboards only support charts, it is recommended that you create specific dashboards for mobile consumption. See Creating Mobile BI Dashboards.
Downloading the QAD Mobile BI App
Follow these steps to download the QAD Mobile BI app:
1 On your iPad, go to the Apple App Store.
2 In the search window, search for QAD Mobile.
3 Choose and install the QAD Mobile BI app.

QAD Mobile BI App in Apple App Store
User and Server URL information
When you launch the QAD Mobile BI app for the first time, it prompts you for the user and server URL information. Enter your username, password, and the server URL. If you do not know the server URL, see your administrator.
Note: Use the same server URL and user settings you use to access the portal through the web browser on the PC. These settings can be changed by going into the settings on the iPad and scrolling down to the QAD Mobile BI app.

Log in to Mobile BI App
After you enter the user and server information, the iPad displays the home page with links to dashboards and forums.
Note: There is no local data stored on the iPad. All data presented in the QAD Mobile BI app is presented and rendered in real time.
Mobile BI Dashboards
On the mobile home page, tap on the dashboard icon to view the list of dashboards.

Mobile Home Page
Links to all available dashboards are in the left pane. A thumbnail view of the dashboard appears in the right pane.

Mobile Dashboards
Tap on the dashboard to see a full-screen view of the dashboard. The QAD Mobile BI app supports iPad orientation mode so you can flip the iPad between portrait and landscape mode and still retain the full functionality. The app also supports all the standard iPad finger gestures such as pinch-zoom and dragging.
The following is a list of additional dashboard actions on the iPad:
Tap on a chart to see a full-screen view of that chart.
If a particular chart is enabled for drill-down, tap and select a particular area of the chart and then tap once again to drill down. Tap the small green arrow in the top left corner to go back up one level and the small red X in the top right corner to close a chart.

Dashboard Full-Screen View
If a discussion exists for a specific chart, tap the forum icon to navigate directly to the forum discussion.
Note: Currently it is not possible on the iPad to start a discussion directly from a chart.

Link to Forum Discussion
Mobile BI Forums
The forums available on the iPad are identical to the forums on the PC, providing a seamless experience when switching between the iPad and PC.
You can enter the collaboration forums with the iPad and perform the following actions:
View, browse, and search the forums and topics.
Post new topics and comments in the forums.
On the mobile app home page, there are links to all available forums. See Mobile Home Page.
Tap a forum icon to view the topics in that forum. Double-tap on a topic to view the comments within that topic. If a post contains an attached image, tap on the image to view an enlarged screen view.
Note: The ability to attach images to a topic, which is available on the PC, is not available on the iPad.

Mobile Forum Topics
Post a New Topic
To post a new topic in a forum, select the desired forum and then tap Post Topic. Enter a topic name in the Summary field and a description of the topic in the Detail field, and then tap Post.

Mobile Forum Topic Post
Post a New Comment
To post a comment in a forum, select the topic and tap Post Comment. Enter your comment in the field and tap Post.

Mobile Forum Comment Post