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Translating Object Names
The portal gives you the ability to translate individual object names; for example, the names of reports, queries, and visual items. The fields that can be translated have a blue globe icon on the right side of the field.

Translating Object Names
Follow these steps to translate an object name:
1 Click Rename.
2 Apply the ${id} format to the object name to identify it as translatable.
3 Click the blue globe icon.
Note: If you click the blue globe without the object name in the ${id} format, the system displays an error message.
4 Enter the translations in the appropriate language fields. For example, to translate an object name into Spanish, French, and German, enter the translations in those fields.

Edit Translation
5 Click OK.
6 When the language setting changes to Spanish, French, or German, the user sees the object name translated into that language.
Note: If there are no translations entered in any of the language fields, the user sees the ${id} format for the object name.