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Query Home
Query Home is the front page of the Query menu where the designer can navigate through a list of all available queries. Access the Query Home by choosing Query from the Designer drop-down menu.
A link to the Query Home is located in a navigation bar at the top of the window. If there are any queries open, a link to each query appears in the navigation bar, each separated by a spacer symbol.
The query home toolbar, located beneath the navigation bar, consists of the following buttons:
New Folder. Create new folder in the navigation pane.
New. Create a query.
Open. Open a query.
Rename. Rename a query or folder.
Copy. Make a copy of a query.
Move. Move a query or a folder to a different location in the navigation pane.
Delete. Delete a query or folder.
Export. Export the selected query into a .zip folder as an .xml file. Use this feature to copy or migrate a specific query from one portal environment to another.
A list of all existing queries is located in the navigation pane on the left side of the window. The properties pane, which displays information about folders and queries, is on the right side of the window.
To open a query, double-click the query name or select the query and click Open.

Query Home