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Report Designer
The Report Designer is used to build or modify reports. To access the report designer, click New Wizard or open an existing report.
The report designer toolbar, located below the navigation bar, contains the following buttons:
Preview. View a report.
Save. Save a report.
Save As. Save a copy of a report under a new name or location.
Close. Close the report.
Close All. Close all reports that are open.
The navigation pane on the left side of the window displays the sections of the report designer:
Query. Select the query to create the report.
Fields. Select and format the fields from the query.
Group By. Add field groups, subtotals, and report totals to the report.
Layout. Modify the layout of the report.
Parameters. Apply parameters to the report.
Links. Apply linking actions to a report, which allow a user to drill down from one report to another, more detailed report.

Report Designer