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Visual Item Home
The Visual Item Home is the front page of the Visual Item menu where the designer can navigate through a list of all available visual items. Access the Visual Item Home by choosing Visual Item from the Designer drop-down menu.
A navigation bar, which displays a link to the Visual Item Home, is at the top of the window. If there are any visual items open, a link to each item is listed in the bar, each separated by a spacer symbol.
The visual item home toolbar, located beneath the navigation bar, consists of the following buttons:
New Folder. Add a subfolder.
New. Create a visual item.
Open. Open a visual item.
Rename. Rename a visual item or a folder.
Copy. Make a copy of a visual item.
Delete. Delete a visual item.
A navigation pane listing all existing visual items is on the left side of the window. A properties pane, which displays information about folders and visual items, is on the right side of the window.

Visual Item Home