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Dashboard Designer
The dashboard designer is used to create new dashboards. To access the dashboard designer, click New or open an existing dashboard.

Dashboard Designer
A link to Dashboard Home is located in the navigation bar at the top of the window. If there are any dashboards open, a link to each dashboard appears in the navigation bar, each separated by a spacer symbol.
The dashboard designer toolbar, located below the navigation bar, contains the following buttons:
Save. Save a dashboard.
Save As. Save a copy of a dashboard under a new name.
Close. Close the dashboard.
Close All. Close all dashboards that are open.
Clear. Delete all visual items from the canvas.
Tile. Resize and tile the visual items for an organized view.
Lock or Unlock All. Lock or unlock visual items in place.
Canvas. Adjust the canvas size and the background color of the dashboard.
Snap to Grid. Snap an item’s upper left corner to an invisible grid when the item is moved. This feature allows items to be easily aligned.
The following graphic items, located below the toolbar, can be dragged and dropped onto the dashboard canvas:
Text Area. Add a block of text to the dashboard. To change the format of the text, highlight the text and use the font and alignment tools. Add hyperlinks by highlighting text and entering the Web address in the URL field.

Text Area Designer
Date. Add the date to the dashboard. The date item always displays the current date.
Horizontal line. Add a horizontal line to the dashboard.
Vertical line. Add a vertical line to the dashboard.
The dashboard canvas is on the right side of the canvas. To build a dashboard, drag and drop visual items onto the canvas.