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Creating Mobile BI Dashboards
QAD recommends that you create simplified dashboards for the iPad so that the information is presented in a clear and easy-to-read format.

Mobile Dashboard
Visual Items
Because the Mobile BI App for the iPad only supports charts and graphs, the mobile BI dashboards must not contain parameter bars, grids, or any other types of unsupported visual items.
Note: If you have existing dashboards that fit this criteria, they can be accessed through the iPad app so you do not need to rework every dashboard.
You can create the Mobile BI dashboard using the same charts and graphs as on other dashboards. It is not required that you create specific visual items for use on the iPad. The charts and graphs used on a mobile dashboard retain the same security restrictions as those items used on a portal dashboard.
Canvas Size
When you create a mobile BI dashboard, set the canvas size of the dashboard to the screen size of the mobile device. See Dashboard Designer.
Folder Hierarchy
Organize the mobile dashboards in a three-level folder hierarchy. In a standard Web platform, there are no restrictions to how many levels are in the folder structure. In the Mobile platform, the folder hierarchy is restricted to three levels and then it flattens out.

Dashboard Hierarchy
On the iPad, the dashboard hierarchy appears on the left side of the screen.
Note: If the folder hierarchy exceeds three levels on the Web portal, the extra levels are not shown on the iPad. All dashboards are flattened out and listed in the third-level hierarchical list.

Mobile Dashboard Hierarchy