Administration > Data Security Model > Add a Data Security Model
Add a Data Security Model
Follow these steps to add a data security model:
1 Select Data Security Model from the Administration drop-down menu.
2 Click the New Model button.
3 The navigation pane on the left displays a hierarchical list of all dimensions and facts within the DWD. The data security model builder is in the right pane.

Add a New Data Security Model
4 Navigate through the folders and select the desired facts and dimensions that users can view with access to this security model.
Note: If a folder is selected, the child items within that folder can be accessed as well. If one or more of the child items within the folder are not selected, a dot appears in the box next to the folder, indicating partial access to the folder.

Partial Access to a Folder
5 If desired, add a constraint to a dimension. Constraints restrict access to specific values within a dimension; for example, the sales territory dimension can be constrained so that users see data for their territory only.
To add a constraint, select the dimension and click Add Constraint.

Add Model Security Constraint
6 Choose a dimension column from the Dimension Column drop-down list.
7 Choose In or Not In from the Constraint Operator drop-down list.
8 Click OK.
9 Select the values that are included in the constraint.

Constraint Values
10 Save the data security model by clicking Save.
a In the Save window, navigate through the folders and select the appropriate location to save the model.
b Enter the name of the model in the Item Name field and a brief description in the Description field.
c Select the Security tab. Select the security roles that can view and edit the model.
Note: If no security roles are selected, all security roles can view and edit the data security model.
d Click Save.
11 After saving the model, rebuild the data security model by clicking Build Security in the Model Administrator menu. See Build Security.