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Data Security Model Builder
The data security model builder allows the administrator to build a new data security model based on an existing model. The advantage of using the builder is that it automates the process of building new models. Rather than creating one model at a time, the administrator instantly creates multiple models, all based on the same constraint.
Follow these steps to create data security models using the builder:
1 Select Data Security Model from the Administration drop-down menu.
2 Click New Folder and create a folder. This folder serves as the output location for all the new models you create.
3 Click New Builder.

New Model Builder
4 Click the Base on Model Browse button.
5 Navigate through the folders, select the desired data security model, and click Open.

Base on Model
6 Click the Security Column Browse button to set the dimensional attributes of the model.
7 Navigate through the folders, select the desired attribute, and click OK.
Warning The model builder does not prevent you from creating an inordinate number of models. Always select a security column with a limited number of unique values; for example, a state or a sales territory. Using a column with many values is permitted but it could generate thousands of unique models, which can prove unmanageable and lead to system performance issues.

Security Column
8 Click the Target Folder Browse button.
9 Navigate through the folders and select the output location for the data security models you create.
10 Select the Security tab, select the User Roles that can view and edit these models, and click Open.
11 Save the model builder by clicking Save.
Note: Save the model builder before generating all the models.
a In the Save window, navigate through the folders and select the appropriate location to save the model builder.
b Enter the name of the builder in the Item Name field and a brief description in the Description field.
c Select the Security tab. Select the security roles that can view and edit the builder.
Note: If no security roles are selected, all security roles can view and edit the security model builder.
d Click Save.
12 Click Generate Model to automatically create all the models.

Model Builder Results
13 After creating all the models, rebuild the data security model by clicking the Build Security button in the Model Administrator menu. See Build Security.