Administration > Data Migration > Export Data
Export Data
Follow these steps to export data from one portal to another:
1 Select Data Migration from the Administration drop-down menu.
2 With the Export tab selected, select any or all of the following to export:
Visual Items
3 Select the export location:
Download locally. Saves the file to a local drive.
Save on server as. Enter a file name in the field. The file is exported to the Tomcat server in the TOMCAT_HOME\webapps\WebAppName\export directory.
If you would like to save the file to a specific location in the Tomcat export folder, enter the path in the field. For example, to save a file named MyQueries in the Dir1 folder, enter Dir1\MyQueries in the field. An error message appears if the Dir1 folder is not located in the export folder.

Data Migration Export
4 When finished click Export.