Administration > User
In the User menu, the administrator manages the profiles of the end users. The administrator adds users to the portal, edits a user’s profile, and enables or disables a user’s access.
Access the User menu by selecting User from the Administration drop-down menu.
Information about the user is organized into the following columns:
User ID. The username used to log in to the BI Portal.
First and Last Name. The first and last name of the user.
Status. The current status of the user:
A. Active.
P. Pending. A new user who has not logged in to the portal and has not changed the initial password.
D. Disabled.
Email. The user’s e-mail address.
Application Role. The role assigned to the user.
The user toolbar consists of the following buttons:
New. Add a user.
Edit. Edit existing user information and access.
Disable. Disable a user.
Enable. Enable a user.
Refresh. Refresh the list to show recent changes.

User Administration Menu