About This Course
About This Course

Course Description
This course builds on BI V3 Level 1 Certification combined with on-the-job experience to prepare the student to provide Tier 2 technical support for the BI V3 product.
The following topics are covered:
BI3 Customization. Adding new data sources, fields, cubes, fact and dimension tables.
Troubleshooting. Installation issues, including Data Warehouse Designer, Modules, BI Portal, Tomcat and ODBC connections. Historical data reloads.
Customer support. Diagnose and resolve customer issues. Create patches as needed.
Course Objectives
The following are the objectives of the BI Technical Level 2 Certification Class:
Introduction to/overview of SQL and the most common elements encountered in our BI solution.
Overview and detailed hands on experience with BI troubleshooting tools and techniques.
Customization methodologies to ensure minimal impact to upgrades and patches.
Performance tuning methodologies.
This class provides the following benefits:
Additional personal skill sets
Customer satisfaction
BI is a cornerstone of QAD’s future plans
Support – better able to troubleshoot customer issues and pass concrete bug reports to R&D
Services – better able to meet customer’s individual customization needs and ensure trouble free upgrades and patches
The BI Technical Level 2 Certification Class is intended for the following audience:
QAD and QAD Partner services consultants who will provide Tier 2 support to other QAD and Partner consultants during BI implementation.
QAD and Partner services consultants who will design, develop and implement customizations to BI v3.
QAD support consultants who will trouble shoot customer issues and create patches to resolve customer problems.
The following prerequistes are required for the BI Technical Level 2 Certification Class:
Business Intelligence (BI) V3 - Technical - Level 1 Class and Certification
SQL Server 2008 - Intermediate
Transact-SQL - Intermediate
Read: The Data Warehouse Toolkit: Second Edition. Ralph Kimball.
Course Credit and Scheduling
This course provides 30 credit units. It is designed to be taught in 5 days.
Virtual Environment Information
The hands-on exercises in this book should be used with the latest BI learning environment.
Additional Resources
If you encounter questions on QAD software that are not addressed in this book, several resources are available. The QAD corporate Web site (http://www.qad.com/) provides product and company overviews. From the main site, you can access the QAD Learning or Support site and the QAD Document Library. Access to some portions of these sites depends on having a registered account.
QAD Learning Center
To view available training courses, locations, and materials, use the QAD Learning Center. Choose Education under the Services tab to access this resource. In the Learning Center, you can reserve a learning environment if you want to perform self-study and follow a training guide on your own.
QAD Document Library
To access release notes, user guides, training guides, and installation and conversion guides by product and release, visit the QAD Document Library. Choose Document Library under the Support tab. In the QAD Document Library, you can view HTML pages online, print specific pages, or download a PDF of an entire book. To find a resource, you can use the navigation tree on the left or use a powerful cross-document search, which finds all documents with your search terms and lets you refine the search by book type, product suite or module, and date published.
QAD Support
Support also offers an array of tools depending on your company’s maintenance agreement with QAD. These include the Knowledgebase and QAD Forums, where you can post questions and search for topics of interest. To access these, choose Visit Online Support Center under the Support tab.