Welcome to QAD Configurator
Welcome to QAD Configurator
QAD Configurator is a rule-based product configuration and guided selling tool. It allows make-to-order and assemble-to-order companies to quickly and efficiently create sales orders based on specific customer requirements and ultimately manufacture and fulfill complex, customized products and services. It is an add-on module to QAD Enterprise Applications (QAD EA) and provides flexible and powerful product configuration and computer-aided order entry capabilities.
QAD Configurator is designed for manufacturing companies who produce products that are highly configurable or are routinely customized to meet the unique needs of their customers. QAD Configurator ensures complete and valid product configuration during order entry. QAD Configurator instantaneously translates customer requests into quotations, sales orders, bills of material, and routings.
QAD Configurator effectively bridges the information and knowledge gap between product engineering and sales. It allows sales personnel to access the product data maintained by engineering personnel. Sales personnel can create orders with complex configurations based on specific customer requirements without having to possess a strong technical background.
QAD Configurator General Workflow
Configurator process map and workflow details.
Integration With QAD Enterprise Applications
Integration and support for ERP domains.
Integration with QAD Trade Management
Integration and support for QAD Trade Management.
QAD Configurator General Workflow

QAD Configurator Process Map
1 System Setup
Before using QAD Configurator, perform system setup including setting up data in QAD EA and configuring Configurator settings.
2 Sales Configuration
Sales personnel do the following:
Maintain variables and features that define configurable product characteristics.
Designate how to present features as questions in the guided sales process—that is, the questionnaire.
Set up sales configuration rules to ensure that data collected from the questionnaire is valid.
3 Product Configuration
Engineering personnel define product configuration rules that translate feature data collected from questionnaires into product structures and routings of configured products.
4 Guided Sales
Sales personnel run the questionnaire during order or quotation entry to configure products to meet specific customer needs. Data collected in this guided sales process identify new product configurations and translate new customer requirements into new product structures and routings.
5 Administration
Use a range of administrative functions to maintain the system for optimal performance.