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Integration With QAD Enterprise Applications
QAD Configurator is integrated with the following QAD EA functions:
Sales Quote Maintenance (7.12.1)
Sales Order Maintenance (7.1.1)
Item Master Maintenance (1.4.1)
Product Structure Maintenance (13.5)
Routing Maintenance (14.13.1)
Item-Site Inventory Data Maintenance (1.4.16)
Item-Site Planning Maintenance (1.4.17)
Item-Site Cost Maintenance (1.4.18)
QAD Configurator does not use any of the standard functions of the Configured Products module in QAD EA.
Support for QAD EA Domains
QAD Configurator fully supports multiple domains in QAD EA. However, not all of its functions are domain-specific. While some Configurator functions retrieve and process data only available in the current domain, other functions work with data across domains, due to the nature of the data these functions deal with.
Configurator functions that work with item-related data, which is domain-specific itself, are domain-enabled.
The following Configurator functions are not domain-enabled since the data they work with is not associated with any specific domain and can be accessed across domains:
Master Group Maintenance
Question Type Maintenance
Rule Group Maintenance
Variable Maintenance
Functional Groups
General Rules