QAD Configurator Basics > Analysis of Sales Configuration Rules
Analysis of Sales Configuration Rules
Each feature that you define for a configurable item becomes a question in the questionnaire. The rules that you define in the sales configuration process establish the relationships between features. The Analyzer analyzes the dependencies between the product features. The Analyzer:
Extracts all features used in the sales configuration rules
Establishes the relationships between the features (builds a question tree)
Checks for cyclical loops in the sales configuration rules
Establishes priorities between questions and branches of question trees
Creates and compiles Progress source code programs to control the questionnaire logic
Run the Analyzer after you have done any one of the following:
Added, modified, or deleted features.
Added, modified, or deleted rules.
Changed a parameter in Configurator Control.
Changed feature sequences.
In any of situations 1, 2, or 3, make sure that you run the Analyzer before you start the questionnaire. The questionnaire checks if the configurable item has been analyzed, and forces you to analyze the item first whenever something significant has been changed.
In situation 4, running the Analyzer is not required. However, to make the feature sequence modifications active, run the Analyzer.