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Product Configuration Rules
Product configuration rules govern how answers given to questions in the questionnaire are translated into variant items, product structures, and routings.
The output from the questionnaire is a product configuration. When a particular set of answers to the questionnaire produces a unique configuration, QAD Configurator automatically translates it into a variant item if you did not specify a configuration key. When a configuration key is defined, the system lets you choose whether to convert the configuration into a new variant item.
When you make this decision, the Variant Product Structure/Routing Generator (which is a part of the questionnaire function) converts the configuration into real components and manufacturing processes. At the end of this process, you have a variant product structure and a variant routing. The variant product structure defines components that are to be included and their respective quantities. The variant routing defines processes that are required to make the new variant item.
Note: You can define in Master Group Maintenance whether a group is to use routings or not. If you select not to use routings, the Variant Product Structure/Routing Generator does not calculate operations.
To convert the configuration from the questionnaire into the necessary component selection, quantities, and routings, the Variant Product Structure/Routing Generator requires rules that specify what components and processes should be used.
The features, options, and rules in the sales configuration are used by the questionnaire to generate a product configuration.
The system follows the product configuration rules to include components from the generic product structure.
If there is no rule that applies to the component, the system always selects the component.
Example: The customer selects the Sport model, which automatically includes the feature alloy wheels. To produce this feature, define which components from the generic product structure to include:
SELECT alloy wheels, qty 5
SELECT sport wheel nuts, qty 20
SELECT sport tyres 185/70 SR13, qty 5
The product configuration rules maintenance functions let you define the rules that enable the Variant Product Structure/Routing Generator to generate detailed specifications for new variant items.
Selection and assignment rules are optional. When no selection rule is available for a component or an operation, the system always selects the component or operation. When no assignment rules are available, the values from the generic product structure/routing are used.
The item number definition rule is required for each configurable item to be used to create a variant.