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Item Number Definition Rules
An item number definition rule defines how to build up the new variant item numbers. Each variant needs a unique item number. By defining a rule for each configurable item, you enable the Variant Product Structure/Routing Generator to standardize the structure of the variant item numbers it creates from that configurable item.
In the item number definition rule, the structure of the item number consists of one or more of the following components:
Current configurable item number: position From/To
Master configurable item number: From/To
Feature: position From/To
QAD EA database element: position From/To
Fixed text
Alphanumeric Sequence: length, multiplier, and start value
Numeric Sequence: number of digits, start value, and multiplier
You can combine these components in any order you want to create new variant item numbers. The maximum number of positions you can use is 18. Except for the alphanumeric and numeric sequence component, you can use the individual components more than once in an item number definition. For the numeric sequence and alphanumeric sequence components, you can add them only once—you can add a numeric sequence and an alphanumeric sequence.
Example: The master configurable item number is 9-100-100. For the item number definition rule, you specify that the item number is to include the master configurable item number, followed by a character (-) and then followed by a 3-digit sequence number that starts at 001. Then the successive variant item numbers are as follows: