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Element Roll-Up
When the Variant Product Structure/Routing Generator creates a variant, the process normally includes the element roll-up calculations. The Element Roll-Up function operates only on non-cost element-related data elements, such as lead time or weight.
Before you run Element Roll-Up, first define the element roll-up rules for configurable items. You do this using Element Roll-Up Rule Maintenance. See Maintaining Element Roll-Up Rules.
Depending on whether you want to roll up component-related elements or routing-related elements, you can use Element Roll-Up Rule Maintenance to compose roll-up rules from either of the following sources:
Product structure (ps_mstr) and/or item data (pt_mstr), both using either master data or component data
Routing data (ro_det) and/or Work Center data (wc_mstr)
The following diagram illustrates the element roll-up process.

Element Roll-Up Process
Roll-up rules can be simple expressions, which contain only one element; these rules are called basic rules.
Roll-up rules can also be complex expressions, which contain two or more elements; these rules are called advanced rules.
Example: A basic rule that rolls up the production lead time of all components could take the following form.
Example: A more complex rule could take the following form.
Within Element Roll-Up Rule Maintenance, for a basic rule, you select the single element to roll up from a drop-down list. For an advanced rule, you compose the expression for the rule in an editor window. An advanced rule can contain any of the elements listed in the following tables.
Product Structure Roll-Up
The elements of the master item (variant item number) can be used. By using the element name without prefix or by adding the prefix master, the values of the master item (pt_mstr) are selected.
The elements of the component item (component item number) can be used. By adding the prefix component to the element name, the values of the component item (pt_mstr) are selected.
The elements of the product structure (ps_mstr) can be used.
Routing Roll-Up
Only the elements of the master item (variant item number) can be used (no prefix or prefix master).
The elements of the work center can be used.
The elements of the variant routing (variant routing number = variant item number) can be used.
You cannot use variables, features, or options in element roll-up rules, and only one roll-up rule can be defined for each master item element.