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Cross Validation of Rules
Because the sales configuration and the product configuration data are maintained separately, it is necessary to check discrepancies between the two sets of data. For example, variables in the product configuration rules are not used for features of a configurable item. In this situation, unknown answers can appear on the questionnaire.
You can use the Cross Validation Analyzer to check if the product configuration rules and rules match the sales configuration data (features and rules). This analyzer detects any discrepancies between the two modules and produces a report.
The Cross Validation Analyzer is a reporting function only. It does not correct any errors that it finds. To correct the errors, use Configurator maintenance functions. For example, you might add a feature to the configurable item using Feature Maintenance, or modify a product configuration selection rule.
The Cross Validation Analyzer has multi-level capabilities: it takes into account all lower-level items and components of the selected configurable item. The Cross Validation Analyzer checks any inconsistencies in the model from the current configurable item downwards. So it can also report likely errors during a cross validation of a lower level configurable item.