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What the Cross Validation Analyzer Checks
You control what the Cross Validation Analyzer checks with selection flags in the Cross Validation Analyzer main window:
Configurable item components only
Only the components that are one level lower than the configurable item are checked, not the components on lower levels.
Variant assignment rules
Make sure that the variables in the assignment rules are valid features for the relevant configurable item or its child items.
Rule syntax
The Cross Validation Analyzer checks the syntax of all selected rules by compiling the code using the Progress Compiler.
Variant item numbers
Checks if a variant item number exists for every configurable item in the product structure. If there are no variant item definition rules to specify the item number, QAD Configurator cannot create a variant item.
This routine checks if all features are used properly given the configurable items in the generic product structure and the features that are defined for each of them.