QAD Configurator Basics > Questionnaire
Questionnaire is the front end guided selling module of QAD Configurator that lets you configure products for specific customers by selecting product feature options in the form of a questionnaire. Product configurations resulting from the questionnaire can be saved and used to create new variant items.
Questionnaire can be started from the QAD Configurator menu or automatically launched from Sales Order Maintenance (7.1.1) or Sales Quote Maintenance (7.12.1) when you enter a configurable item in the order line.
When you configure a product for a specific customer in Questionnaire, you are presented with a list of questions that correspond to the product’s features. As you answer each question, you select options for each feature of the product. When you finish all the questions, you have a combination of answers or feature options that is called a configuration in QAD Configurator. Each product configuration can be saved and reused later.
When a firm order is placed for a new product configuration, you convert the configuration to a variant item. The variant item has its own item number, variant product structure, and, if necessary, variant routing.