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Questionnaire Questions
Each question corresponds to a configurable product feature and each option in a question corresponds to a feature option. How questions are generated and how you can answer them are determined by questionnaire-related sales configuration data. Sales configuration data include feature and option sequence, feature and option characteristics, as well as inclusions, exclusions, and interdependency rules.
The main types of questions recognized by QAD Configurator are as follows:
Foreground questions, which require answers from the customer.
Background questions, which can be answered by the customer, but do not need to be. If no answer is supplied, the default is used, even if there is no rule to cover the question.
Temporary questions, which are usually answered by QAD Configurator calculating values according to the rules.
When you customize the question display, you can select which levels and types of question are shown in the display, and how many levels should be displayed. If you select only one level, only the questions currently ready to be answered are displayed. If you select two or more levels, that number of levels of dependent questions is also displayed.