QAD Configurator Basics > Questionnaire > Configurations
When you have finished answering the questions in the questionnaire, QAD Configurator generates a uniquely identified configuration. The configuration is an intermediate stage between answering the questions and generating the new variant item and its product structure and routing. QAD Configurator can automatically check if a configuration exists, thus preventing sales personnel from configuring the same item twice.
QAD Configurator records each configuration that is generated by the questionnaire. Whenever the system creates a variant from a configuration, the variant has a unique item number according to the item number definition rule.
To avoid configuration and variant redundancies, QAD Configurator uses the configuration characteristics; that is, the answers to the questions. When a configuration exists, there can also be a variant that matches your current customer’s requirements. You can then decide whether to use the existing configuration or variant, or to continue with the questionnaire to create one.