QAD Configurator Workspace
QAD Configurator Workspace
Workspace Overview
Gives context for how Configurator relates to other QAD programs.
Accessing QAD Configurator Functions
Describes different methods of accessing Configurator functions and illustrates the Configurator process map.
Application Toolbar
Describes the functions of the Applications Toolbar.
Selecting a Master Group
Explains how to identify and select different master groups.
Maintaining Records
Explains how to modify records by creating, viewing, editing, cycling through, or deleting them.
Editing Comments
Explains how to use the Comment Editor toolbar.
Using the Rule Assistant
Explains how to use the Rule Assistant to compose valid rules.
Using Browses and Browse Collections
Describes how to use the configuration browse, view the Variables and Features browse and Configurations browse collections, and customize the configuration browse.
Workspace Overview
Integrated with QAD EA, QAD Configurator is embedded in the application area of the QAD .NET user interface. QAD Configurator is consistent with the rest of the QAD EA applications in terms of look and feel and navigation. For information on the .NET user interface, see User Guide: QAD User Interfaces.
This section describes some common UI features specific to QAD Configurator.