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Accessing QAD Configurator Functions
You can access QAD Configurator functions by using either the Menu Search field or the menu tree in the Applications pane in the QAD .NET user interface.
After you install QAD Configurator, QAD Configurator functions are grouped under Customer Management|Configurator by default in QAD 2008.1 Enterprise and later. For earlier versions of QAD EA, QAD Configurator functions can be found under Distribution|Configurator.
You can also access Configurator functions using Configurator process maps. By linking related subprocesses and activities together in the form of interactive workflow diagrams, process maps tie up all the functions sequentially. You can drill down a process map by clicking a subprocess icon to access lower-level functions.
The Configurator process maps are integrated into the Supply Chain View and Vertical Industry View process maps in the QAD .NET UI.

Configurator Process Map
When you select a configurable item in the order line in Sales Order Maintenance or Sales Quote Maintenance in the QAD EA .NET UI environment, the Questionnaire module launches automatically.