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Configuring System Settings
Use Configurator Control to configure the QAD Configurator system settings.

Configurator Control
AppServer Questionnaire Directory
Specify where to store the questionnaire files on the AppServer. These files are generated by the Analyzer and contain the inclusion and exclusion logic for features and options. Map the remote directory on the AppServer to a local drive first.
AppServer Variable Directory
Specify where to store the Variant Product Structure Generator files on the AppServer; the questionnaire uses these files. These files contain the variant product structure and variant routing information. Map the remote directory on the AppServer to a local drive first.
SQ/SO Maintenance
Use these options to select the type of entry that QAD Configurator uses to store sales quote and sales order information.
Select Product Structure if you want the system to create item product structures when creating configurations; otherwise, select Off.
Pegging for Re-analyze
If you select this option, whenever a rule changes at some level of the product structure, QAD Configurator does re-analysis of the relevant configurable item and all higher level configurable items.
Keep this option selected, unless the analysis time is too much.
WebSpeed URL
Enter the WebSpeed Workshop URL in the following format:
Static Web Context URL
Enter the URL address in the format of http://server_ip/alias_name where the scripts, images, and styles folders are published. alias_name is the Apache server Alias configuration that points to ConfiguratorWebSpeedInstallDir/cpd/htdocs
Web Connection Timeout
Specify the amount of time allowed to try to connect to the web server before the system stops trying.
Web Configuration Path
Specify the path where the AppServerConnection.xml file is to be stored. First create the directory for storing the configuration file under ConfiguratorWebSpeedInstallDir, and then give it read and write permissions.