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About Master Groups
When you have a large quantity of manufacturing data in your QAD EA database, you can simplify data management and access in QAD Configurator by classifying the data into different master groups. You can base master groups on product family or product type. Master groups are not domain-specific.
When you have several master groups, make sure that you are in the right master group when you work with such data as configurable items, variables, features, and rules. Data created in one master group exclusively pertains to that group and cannot be accessed from other master groups.
A variable in one group cannot be accessed in another group. Likewise, all the sales configuration rules and product configuration rules you set up in a group only apply to that group.
QAD Configurator provides a built-in master group STD and it cannot be deleted.
Example: The arctic cooling system is a part of a product family covering industrial and domestic heating, cooling, and humidity control equipment. Despite major differences in the component parts included in its generic product structure, many of the variables are common to the entire range:
Electrical voltage
Usage, from domestic through heavy industrial
Paint color for the equipment housing
So, you can set up a master group called ENVCON (Environmental Control) to include all these products.
Now, whenever you work on sales configuration activities for any of the products in this range, you first make sure that you have selected the ENVCON group. In this way, all the variables that have already been used within this group are available to you.
When you create a group, you can also set up various defaults and settings that control the way QAD Configurator operates within this group only. For example, you can set up the default number of digits and decimals that are used for numeric variables and features created in the group; you can select a default rounding method; you can specify whether single-level or multi-level product structures are used; and you can specify whether you require QAD Configurator to generate variant routings for products configured in this group.
In this way, you can customize the way QAD Configurator operates in a different manner for each group of products. If variant routings are required for some products but not for others, you can create one group with the routings option selected and another with it deselected. You can create as many different groups as you need.
You create and maintain groups using Master Group Maintenance.