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Maintaining External Entities
Use External Entity Maintenance to create, view, edit, or delete external entities for use in QAD Configurator.
An external entity is a reference to a table in a database. It lets you establish a link between a question in the questionnaire and customer or item-related data in the QAD EA database. It uses a condition to set the answer to the question. When a variable is linked to an external entity, the questionnaire looks up the assigned value of the feature in the specified field of a particular record in the specified database table. The correct record is determined by the selection rule defined for the external entity.
Note: You can update the records in referenced tables by defining external entity rules. For more information, please refer to “Maintaining External Entity Rules” on page 116.

External Entity Maintenance
In the Database and Table fields, use the drop-down lists to select the database and table containing the external entity; then select a field from the table.
To edit a selection rule:
You can either manually type the rule by directly typing the statements in the Rule box or use the Rule Assistant to assist you in the process. See Using the Rule Assistant.
Click Check Syntax to validate the rule syntax. If syntax errors are found, error messages display and the status becomes Failed.
Click Save to save the rule. On saving the rule, the system performs a syntax check on the rule. If syntax errors are found, error messages display.