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Maintaining Feature Sequence
Use Feature Sequence Maintenance to set the sequence of feature-associated questions on the questionnaire. The extent to which you can control the sequence is determined by the dependencies among feature options. When the Analyzer processes the sales configuration for a configurable item, it imposes a sequence for the questions. In this way, questions that depend on answers to other feature questions are asked after the questions on which they depend. However, within the constraints of the logical structure of the questions, you can arrange the sequence of feature questions in any way you want. If you specify a sequence that ignores the logical structure, the Analyzer rearranges the sequence so that the logical requirements are satisfied.

Feature Sequence Maintenance
To change the order of functional groups:
Drag and drop the functional group tab your desired position.
To change the order of features:
Use the Move to Top, Move Up, Move Down, Move to Bottom, and Reverse Order buttons on the toolbar to arrange the position of the features in the list. To move multiple features around, use Ctrl for nonconsecutive features or Shift for consecutive features and use the buttons on the toolbar.
When you have finished rearranging the feature list sequence, click OK to save the new sequence. The system then prompts you to run the Analyzer to activate the question sequence in the questionnaire.