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Editing Rule Tables
After a rule table is generated, edit it to maintain the general rule.

Editing Rule Table
To insert a row into the rule table, click the New button on the toolbar under the Rule Table tab.
To delete a row, click the Delete button.
Entering Data in Rule Table Cells
To enter a value in a cell:
First select the cell by positioning the cursor in it. You can then either enter the required expression in the cell, or use the option selection window.
Make sure that the expressions you enter in a cell of the rule table conform to the format rules that were defined for the rule tables. The exact choice of formats for a certain cell depends on the type of clause you are specifying and on the type of variable for which you are entering the expression. The following table lists all possible formats and their meaning.
Note: [..] is used to exclude certain values from a range. Applying this information to the first five entries in the table helps you understand the meaning of the entries in the other rows.

Rule Table Formats
value1 or value2 or value3
>= value1 and <= value2
<= value1
>= value1
not value1
not value1 and not value2 and not value3
< value1 or > value2
> value1
< value1
> value1 and <= value2
> value1 and < value2
>= value1 and < value2
< value1
> value1
<= value1 or > value2
<= value1 or >= value2
< value1 or >= value2
>= value1
<= value1
Note: In the case of result variables, you can only use lists and exclusions if the type of the variable is text, numeric list, or date list and its attribute is value at the same time.
Using the Option Selection Window
The option selection window displays the options of the variable associated with the cell you are editing in the rule table to help you enter values for the variable. To bring up the option selection window, click the Options icon on the toolbar.

Option Selection Window
There is an extra fill-in field. Entering a value creates the condition/result variable = value.
Text/Numeric List
There is an extra fill-in field in which you can enter a value. The options of the variable are shown in a list. Entering a value creates the condition/result variable = value.
There is an extra fill-in field, in which you can enter a date. Use the date format on your operating system. Entering a value creates the condition/result variable = value.
There is an extra check box in the window. The variable, extent, and attribute to which it refers are shown next to it. Select the check box to enter the condition or result variable = yes in the table; deselect it to enter variable = no in the table. The variable is shown above the column; the cell contains yes or no.
Select the Exclusion check box to indicate that you want to enter a condition or result of the type Variable <> value (the variable is NOT equal to the value you enter in the cell). This check box is dimmed in the case of THEN variables (except for the following types of THEN variables: text, numeric, date list, provided that their attribute is value) and in the case of an IF variable of the type logical, because using exclusions in these clauses would be meaningless.
Previewing Rules
To preview the rule defined by the selected row in the rule table:
Click the Preview button on the toolbar.

Rule Preview
Accelerating Rule Tables
Click the Accelerator button if you want to prepare the table for accelerated searching. See Accelerating Rule Tables.