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Accelerating Rule Tables
Use Rule Table Accelerator to make an indexed search on one or more rule tables possible.
When you Use Rule Table Accelerator for a rule table, the Accelerator stores additional information needed for the indexed search in the database. Suppose that you want to delete a rule table. With Rule Table Accelerator, the table deletion is faster.
Note: The additional information becomes obsolete when the search mode for the rule table changes from indexed to sequential. The change happens whenever the data in the rule table have changed.
When a rule table has been accelerated, the system automatically uses an indexed search when searching the table. Rule Table Accelerator can also be used to undo the actions that made such an indexed search possible. In that case, any obsolete information is deleted from the database and then the system can only perform a sequential search.

Rule Table Accelerator
Rule Table Accelerator can operate on general rule tables or on item rule tables but it cannot accelerate both types of tables at the same time. Select general rule tables if you want to accelerate one or more general rule tables. Select item rule tables if you want to accelerate one or more item rule tables.
When you are accelerating item rule tables, also specify from which configurable items you want to accelerate the tables. You can specify one configurable item or a range of configurable items.
To indicate which tables you want to accelerate, specify a range by entering tables IDs in the From/To fields of the table ID frame. You can enter a value either by entering it directly in the field or by clicking the Browse button next to the field and selecting the required configurable item or table ID in the displayed list.
If you select both one or more configurable items and a range of table IDs, only the tables that satisfy both conditions are accelerated or de‑accelerated.
Select Accelerate if you want to accelerate one or more tables. If you want to switch from an indexed search to a sequential search, select Undo Acceleration. If you have undone an acceleration for a certain table and you want to use an indexed search on it, run Rule Table Accelerator—using Accelerate—for that table first.
Select the Not Accelerated Only check box if you only want to accelerate rule tables that have not yet been accelerated. Deselect this check box if you want to accelerate all rule tables that meet the criteria in the rule tables frame and the table ID frame.
Click Save to start the rule table accelerating process.