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Maintaining Configuration Keys
Use Configuration Key Maintenance to specify key features for configurable items that identify unique configurations.
To identify unique configurations, and thus unique variant items, specify features that determine whether a particular configuration is unique.
You can specify up to twenty features for a configurable item that together form a configuration key. When you run the questionnaire for this item, QAD Configurator examines the options chosen for the configuration key features for previous configurations. The system compares them with the equivalent options chosen for the current configuration. In this way, you can avoid duplication of configurations and variants.

Configuration Key Maintenance
To specify configuration keys for a configurable item:
1 Specify a configurable item in the Configurable Item field.
2 To set a feature as a configuration key, select it in the Features list box and click Include to move it to the Configuration Keys list box. Click Include All to set all available features as configuration keys.
To remove a configuration key, select it in the Configuration list box and click Exclude to move it to the Feature list box. Click Exclude All to remove all configuration keys.
3 Click Save.
Configuration Key Maintenance and Pricing
In models where pricing is used, it is recommended that you include the customer and all features that are used in pricing rules as key features. This is because prices can vary depending on the customer and quantities of components ordered.