Product Configuration
Product Configuration
Product Configuration Overview
Outlines the product configuration process.
Maintaining Product Configuration Rules
Explains how to maintain variant item number rules, variant item data rules, variant item product structure rules, variant routing rules, variant sales order line rules, and variant sales quote line rules.
Maintaining General Product Structure Rules
Explains how to use General Product Structure Rule Maintenance.
Running Product Configuration Rule Report
Explains how to use Element Roll-Up Rule Maintenance.
Maintaining External Entity Rules
Explains how to use External Entity Rule Maintenance.
Using Custom Functions in Product Configuration Rules
Describes the system’s rules for allowing the user to define and maintain custom functions and use them in product configuration rules.
Running Product Configuration Rule Report
Explains how to run Product Configuration Rule Report.
Cross-Validating Rules
Explains how to use Cross-Validation Analyzer.
Product Configuration Overview
In the product configuration process, engineering personnel define product configuration rules that translate feature data collected from questionnaires into product structures and routings of configured products.

Product Configuration Process
Product configuration rules include the following rules that the system runs and applies at different stages of the variant creation process during order entry, as illustrated in the diagram below:
Variant item number rules
Variant item data rules
Variant planning item rules
Variant product structure rules
Variant routing rules
Variant sales order line rules
Variant sales quote line rules
General product structure rules
Element roll-up rule
External entity rules

Variant Item Creation and Sales Order/Quote Generation Process