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Maintaining Variant Sales Quote Line Rules
Use Variant SQ Line Rule Maintenance to define assignment rules for a configurable item to assign values to sales quote details fields of newly created variant item records.
Note: To ensure data validity for the correct business logic in Sales Quote Maintenance, you can only assign values to those sales quote details fields that do not have default values or calculation logic, such as qod_desc. If you use assignment rules fields such as sod_site and sod_price, QAD EA business logic overwrites them.
To define rules for a sales quote line:
1 Specify a configurable item in the Configurable Item field.
2 Specify the details field with a qod prefix in the Field field.
3 Compose the assignment rule with the assistance of the Rule Assistant. See Using the Rule Assistant.
4 Click Check Syntax to validate the rule syntax. If syntax errors are found, error messages display and the status becomes Failed.