Product Configuration > Maintaining Element Roll-Up Rules
Maintaining Element Roll-Up Rules
Use Element Roll-Up Rule Maintenance to define rules for rolling up non-cost-related data elements when generating variant items.

Element Roll-Up Rule Maintenance
Master Element (pt_mstr)
Specify the database field in the item master table (pt_mstr) to which you want to roll up data elements. Whenever the system creates a variant item and rolls up data elements, the system stores the rolled-up value to this field of the variant item record in the item master table. An item master table field uniquely identifies an element roll-up rule.
Take Product Structure Quantities into Account
Select this check box if you want QAD Configurator to automatically correct rolled-up values to take into account required component quantities as defined in the product structure (ps_qty_per).
Rule Type
Select whether you want to edit a simple rule in basic mode or a more complex rule in advanced mode.
Roll-Up Type
Select Product Structure to roll up component-related data or select Routing to roll up routing-related data.
To edit a simple rule:
Specify a field data to roll up in a simple rule.
Roll-Up Data
Select a table.
If you selected the Product Data roll-up type, you can choose from the item master table (pt_mstr) or the product structure master table (ps_mstr) from the drop-down list.
If you selected the Routing roll-up type, you can choose from the work center master table (wc_mstr) or the routing operation detail (ro_det) table.
Roll-Up Element
Select the field whose data you want to roll up.
To edit an advanced rule:
1 Type the rule in the rule box. Use The Rule Assistant to assist you in composing the rule. See Using the Rule Assistant.
2 Click Check Syntax to validate the rule syntax. If syntax check is successful, Status changes from Not Run to Passed. If syntax errors are found, error messages display and Status changes from Not Run to Failed.
3 Click Save to save the rule. On saving the rule, the system performs a syntax check on the rule. If syntax errors are found, error messages display.