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Maintaining External Entity Rules
Use External Entity Rule Maintenance to assign values to fields in databases defined as external entities. For information on defining external entities, see Maintaining External Entities.

External Entity Rule Maintenance
To assign values to entity fields:
1 Specify a previously defined external entity. Its database and table information is displayed below.
2 Click a field in the Database Field list to select it.
3 In the Progress Database column, specify whether your QAD EA is running on the Progress database.
Select the check box when QAD EA runs on the Progress database. The system assigns values to the selected field in the Progress database based on assignment rule without any truncation.
Clear the check box when you are using a database other than Progress. If the value string exceeds the maximum length allowed for that field, the system automatically truncates values assigned to the selected field.
4 Edit the assignment rule for the selected field.
a Type the rule in the rule box. Use The Rule Assistant to assist you in composing the rule. See Using the Rule Assistant.
Define variables as Features of the given item. Otherwise, the system prompts you to convert the variables to Features; select Yes to map the variables to the features.
b Click Check Syntax to validate the rule syntax. If syntax check is successful, Status changes from Not Run to Passed. If syntax errors are found, error messages display and Status changes from Not Run to Failed.
c Click Update to display the rule and its syntax check status in the Database Field list. On updating the rule, the system performs a syntax check on the rule. If syntax errors are found, error messages appear.
5 Repeat steps 2 through 4 to define rules for multiple fields.
6 Click Save to save all the changes.