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Cross-Validating Rules
Use Cross Validation Analyzer to check if the product configuration rules and rules match features and rules in sales configuration. This analyzer detects any discrepancies between the two modules and produces a report.

Cross Validation Analyzer
To perform a cross validation:
Configurable Item/To
Specify a configurable item or a range of configurable items for which you want to run rule cross validation. When the field is blank, the system checks all configurable items.
First Level Component Only
Select this option if you want to only perform cross-validation only for the first-level components in a generic product structure. Otherwise, the system performs cross-validation for all levels of components in the generic product structure.
Variant Assignment Rules
Specify whether to check variant assignment rules.
Variant Item Number Definitions
Specify whether to check if a variant item number exists for every configurable item in the generic product structure.
BOM, Routing, Rule Syntax, Features
Select the rules and/or features you want to check for.
Only when you have selected the Routings field in Master Group Maintenance for the group, the routing checks are available.
Validate Orphaned Rule, Delete Orphaned Rule
Select these two options if you want to validate and delete the orphaned rules. Currently these two options are only for product structure (BOM) rules and not for routing rules.
Click OK to run the Cross Validation Analyzer. When the analysis is complete, you can see an analysis report.