Configuration Questionnaire
Configuration Questionnaire
Launching Questionnaire
Describes the contents of the questionnaire window.
Navigating in Questionnaire
Describes the default organization of the questionnaire UI.
Exiting Questionnaire
Explains how to exit the questionnaire module.
Variant Item Configuration Workflow
Illustrates the workflow and describes the steps required to configure a variant item.
Using Standard/Existing Configurations
Explains how to use the Existing Configurations tab, browse through configurations, search for configurations, order an existing variant item, create a variant item from existing configurations, load an existing configuration, and create a configuration.
Configuring Item
Describes the Configure Item screen and details how to answer questions, review answer summaries, edit comments, and customize the questionnaire.
Reviewing and Submitting Configuration
Explains how to use the Configuration Summary Screen, review current configurations, view similar configurations, and submit configurations.
Launching Questionnaire
There are two ways you can launch questionnaire.
Use Configuration Questionnaire.
Select a configurable item in the order line in Sales Order Maintenance (7.1.1) or Sales Quote Maintenance (7.12.1). The Questionnaire window is automatically launched. Selecting a variant item in the order line does not trigger the product configuration process.

Questionnaire Window
The title bar of the Configuration Questionnaire window displays the following information:
The group that the configurable item you are configuring belongs to. Groups are defined using QAD Configurator’s Master Group Maintenance function.
Shows which customer you are configuring the item for. It is the same customer ID in the Sold-To field in the header of the sales order or sales quote from which Questionnaire was launched.
Shows the configurable item that you are configuring. It is the same configurable item number that you selected in Sales Order Maintenance (7.1.1) or Sales Quote Maintenance (7.12.1).