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Navigating in Questionnaire
The Configuration Questionnaire user interface organizes task-oriented information under the following tabs:
Standard Configurations
Existing Configurations
Configure Item
Configuration Summary
By default, when the Questionnaire window is launched, you see the Existing Configurations screen first. The Configure Item and Configuration Summary tabs are disabled; after you reload a configuration or create a configuration, you can then switch to these two tabs. However, by using the Show Existing Configurations option in Configurable Item Maintenance, you can specify whether you want to see the Existing Configurations screen first.
Show Existing Configurations
Specify whether and how to display existing configurations in the questionnaire:
First: Display existing configurations on launching the questionnaire.
Second: Display the new configuration on launching the questionnaire.
On request: When launching the questionnaire, display a message asking the user whether to show existing configurations.
No: Hide the Existing Configurations tab in the questionnaire.
The Standard Configurations screen shows the standard configurations, which are configurations recommended by the manufacturer to make it easier for a customer to order configured items. For example, standard configurations can be popularly ordered configurations in the past, or some particular configurations that a marketing campaign wants to promote. See Maintaining Standard Configurations for more information about standard configurations.
The following diagram depicts all possible navigation flows of screens in your configuration process. Squares represent Questionnaire screens, lines represent actions that trigger flows among screens, and the diamond represents the Show Existing Configurations setting that changes your flow. As the figure shows, the configuration process is not linear. You can take actions that skip some steps or revert to a previous step. When you perform an action that endangers the current configuration process and current configuration data, the system gives you a warning message.

Questionnaire Screen Navigation