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Exiting Questionnaire
You exit the Questionnaire module when you either complete or cancel the configuration process. When you have gone through all the configuration steps and successfully submitted your configuration, the Questionnaire window closes and a variant item number is returned to the Item Number field in the order line in Sales Order Maintenance or Sales Quote Maintenance. This could be an existing variant item number or a newly created variant item number, depending on the configuration you submitted.
You can cancel at any point in the configuration process by clicking the Cancel button in the Questionnaire screen. A confirmation window appears.

Exit Confirmation
When you cancel the configuration process, the Questionnaire window closes and no item number is returned. You then either select a different item in the order line in Sales Order Maintenance or Sales Quote Maintenance or launch the Questionnaire window again if you continue with the original configurable item number.
Note: Do not exit Questionnaire by clicking the Close Window button (X) in the upper right corner of the Questionnaire window or pressing Alt+F4. You are not prompted to confirm the exit this way and may lose your changes to the configuration.