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Using Standard/Existing Configurations
Before you start configuring an item for a customer, you can browse through standard configurations in the Standard Configurations screen or existing configurations in the Existing Configurations screen; there might be existing variant items associated with the current configurable item and you can use these configurations or modify them to get a similar configuration to meet your specific requirements.
Note: Whether and how the Existing Configurations tab is displayed in the questionnaire is controlled by the Show Existing Configurations option in Configurable Item Maintenance. This section assumes that the Show Existing Configurations option is set to First. For details about this option, see Maintaining Configurable Items.

Viewing Standard Configurations in Standard Configuration Screen
Note: Now that QAD CSS and QAD Configurator are integrated, there can be configurations created by CSS users. For example, in Viewing Standard Configurations in Standard Configuration Screen, CSS_demo in the User ID field indicates that the configuration is created by a CSS user. The prefix CSS_, as in CSS_demo, can be modified in the cssUserPrefix.i file under the ConfiguratorWebSpeedInstallDir/src/webconf directory. After you compile the Configurator WebSpeed files, the prefix modification takes effect.