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Searching for Configurations
The Questionnaire .NET UI provides extensive, configurable search capabilities that let you create both simple and complex queries.

Configurations Search Box
1 Initially, one search condition displays. Choose the attribute or feature that you want to search from the drop-down list.
2 Choose a search operator from the drop-down list. The search operators include the following:
no equals
greater than
less than
is null
is not null
starts at
3 If you choose the Range operator, enter a beginning value of the range in the first search box. Optionally, enter an ending value of the range in the second search box.
4 Click Search.
5 To refine your search further, click the plus (+) icon to add another search row. You can add as many rows as needed, each with different search values and operators. When you specify several criteria, note that multiple criteria for the same field are treated as a logical AND condition.
6 To remove a search criteria row, click the delete (X) icon.