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Creating a Variant Supplier Item
In the Enterprise Material Transfer (EMT) process, supplier item is the cross-reference to convert Primary Business Unit (PBU) SO line items into Secondary Business Unit (SBU) SO line items. In other words, to support EMT, supplier items need to be set up at the PBU so that EMT purchase orders transmitted to the SBU reference the correct item numbers.
If the item is configurable, you can create a variant supplier item.
1 In Configurable Item Maintenance, make sure that the following fields are selected correctly for the configurable item.
Variant Item-Site Record
Select Current Site Only or All Sites.
When you want to create the supplier item on a particular site, select Current Site Only. Otherwise, select All Sites.
Site Variable
If you have selected Current Site Only, specify a valid site variable.
Note: A valid value for the site variable is a site associated with the configurable item as defined in Item-Site Planning Maintenance (1.4.17).
2 Use Supplier Item Maintenance (1.19) to a create supplier-item relationship.
Item Number
Enter the configurable item number.
If you have specified a site variable in Configurable Item Maintenance, enter the same site code as your answer for the variable on the questionnaire.
If you did not specify any particular site in Configurable Item Maintenance, leave the field Supplier blank here.
Example: You have specified a site variable supsite in Configurable Item Maintenance. For the variable supsite, there is a question Supplier Site on the questionnaire. If the answer for the question Supplier Site is 10-300, enter 10-300 as the supplier site in Supplier Item Maintenance. The system creates the supplier item for supplier site 10-300.
Example: You selected All Sites in Configurable Item Maintenance. Leave the Supplier field in Supplier Item Maintenance blank. The system creates the supplier item for all suppliers.
Supplier Item
Enter the configurable item number.
In a simple EMT scenario, PBU and SBU are in different sites but are within the same domain, and the item number is the same for both business units.

Supplier Item Maintenance
3 Use Configuration Questionnaire to create a variant item. When the system creates a variant item, the system populates the configurable item in the supplier-item relationship with the new variant item. For example, when the system has created variant items for the configurable item 01040, the variant supplier items are there as well.

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