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Answering Questions
In the Configure Item screen, questions are grouped under corresponding functional group tabs.
Note: When there are multiple language records for functional group names, option questions, option answers, and user messages, the questionnaire shows in the language of the user who runs the questionnaire. For more information about multi-language support, see Maintaining Functional Groups, Variable Options, and Feature Options.
As a questionnaire respondent, you can switch among different functional group tabs to view and answer questions. If no functional group is defined, all questions are listed under a single tab.
By default, ten levels of foreground questions are displayed in the short question format. You can customize the questionnaire settings to display temporary and background questions as well, and show questions in the long question format. You can also specify how many dependency levels of questions to display in the questionnaire.
For multiple levels of questions, since higher-level questions depend on lower-level questions, the system disables lower-level questions until the customer answers higher-level questions.
Default answers are highlighted but are not automatically selected or entered for foreground questions.
If there is a value range for the answers, the beginning and end values of the range appear next to the question. You can use them as reference to provide valid answers.
To reset questions, click the Reset button to revert all the questions to the unanswered state.
To automatically answer the questionnaire, click the Answer All button to answer all the questions using their default options.
Errors occur when you provide an invalid value for an answer or when your answer violates option dependency rules. When this happens, an alert icon appears next to the question and the message bar displays relevant error messages. Fix all errors to complete the questionnaire.